“Having worked with Waltz Pharmacy for several years I can say it’s their professionalism, responsiveness, and overall caring and support for our patients and residents that I appreciate the most. Working with Waltz is like having a hometown pharmacy again, giving personal service, advice, and great value.”
John Rice (Director of Operations – Schooner Estates)

“Our facility is fortunate to have Waltz Pharmacy on our team! We find them to be innovative and up to date with regulatory procedures that support us in assuring compliance. They are responsive to our needs, timely, accurate in dispensing, helpful in billing and available in any way possible to meet the training needs of our staff as we strive to provide exceptional care to our skilled patients and long term care residents.”
Carol Timberlake (Administrator – Knox Center)

“Choosing Guardian was the best decision I ever made for our residential services. If you talk to anyone who has worked in residential long enough to see the change, they will tell you how many problems Guardian solved for us.”
Ray Nagel, MBA (Executive Director- Independence Association)

“On the front lines of resident care, Waltz Pharmacy really understands the ins and outs of this industry. Cited at our last survey for not pursuing gradual dose reduction (GDR) on a hospice resident, our Waltz pharmacist provided an excellent summary of why a facility should not seek GDRs as aggressively on hospice residents, and the deficiency was dropped on appeal.”
Mark A. Jacobs (Administrator — Victorian Villa Rehabilitation and Living Center)

“The difference between Waltz LTC and other pharmacies is night and day. By developing new systems, suggesting process improvements, working directly with physicians and advocating for residents, Waltz greatly contributes to our excellent resident care. Every service is of the highest quality from order accuracy to seamless billing, responsive customer service and consistent, professional delivery. And their pharmacist consultants are exceptional, making them a true partner of our organization.”
Maureen Conley (Director of Operations — Medical Care Development, Inc.)

“From my perspective, the pharmacy services we receive from Waltz LTC are superb. Customer service skills are excellent all the way through. No issues here.”
Sue Bell (Administrator — Pinewood Terrace)