Step by Step Instructions

GuardianLINK Login

User ID: Assigned by the pharmacy

Password: Assigned by the pharmacy

Change password:

  -User Maintenance

-Change User Password

-Enter New Password

-Confirm New Password

Look up Resident Medication Profile:

  -Resident Maintenance

-Resident Profile

-Enter Resident’s Last Name

-Click “select” to the right of the Resident ID

Refilling Medication:

  -Drug Orders


-Scan bar code on Rx label or manually enter the Rx #

-Manual entry click look up order

-Scanning bar code will bring up Rx info automatically

-Click Request Refill/Reorder

Order Tracking for New & Refill Prescriptions:

  -Drug Orders

-Order Status

Drug Monograph:


-Print Monographs

-By Drug or by Resident

-Enter drug name

-Choose a strength

-Click Print

Add a User/Remove a User:

Contact Whitney Beal at

Contact Tracey Taylor at

Or call 1-866-415-1954 option #3 and have one of us paged