Dear Valued Customer,

It has been an honor to vaccinate so many of your residents and staff over the last few months. As we move into the next phase of fighting COVID-19, Guardian Pharmacy of Maine would like to provide some guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations for new admissions and employees moving forward.

I cannot stress how crucial it is that the vaccine status is known and documented on new admissions. We have updated our new admission checklist to include this critical piece of information. Please contact our Account Management Team if you need a clean copy.

In consultation with Maine CDC, it has been determined moving forward Guardian Pharmacy will be exclusively carrying the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a single dose vaccine, and will be administering it in multiples of five during your monthly/quarterly consultation visits by your pharmacist. Please contact Brianna O’Brien via email: to coordinate.

If your community does not have regularly scheduled visits from a consultant pharmacist, we will be hosting a limited number of vaccine clinics at the pharmacy in Brunswick to meet this need. The frequency of these clinics will be determined based on vaccine availability and customer need.

It is vital that we get staff and residents fully vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible to beat the spread of this virus. We urge you to encourage your employees to pursue vaccinations in public facing community clinics if possible and support residents if they wish to get their vaccinations earlier than we can provide in the community if that is an available option. Information about community vaccination sites can be obtained by calling the Maine COVID-19 Community Vaccination Line at 1-888-445-4111 or at

As your pharmacy partner, we look forward to being an ongoing resource for your communities and continuing to work together in the fight against COVID-19.

Warm regards,
Courtney Doherty Oland R.Ph, MBA, President Guardian Pharmacy of Maine