We are happy to shine the employee spotlight on Jonathan Hilton, supervisor of fulfillment. Jon has worked at Guardian Pharmacy of Maine since 2016 in one form or another. He first came on board as a driver in delivery.

Jonathan Hilton, supervisor of fulfillment at Guardian Pharmacy of Maine

“It was a great way to be introduced to the workings of the pharmacy,” Jon reminisced. “I loved visiting all of the facilities around the state of Maine and I met some wonderful people.”

Jon pursued a few opportunities outside of Guardian over the last four years. Then, the position for supervisor of fulfillment became available and it was a perfect fit. Jon loves building the team and working with all the great staff here at Guardian.

Before joining Guardian, Jon had a full career and work life. He graduated from Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute with a degree in law enforcement before attending the University of Maine at Farmington, earning a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a concentration in history.

For 15 years, he taught history at a few different schools around Maine, and, although he enjoyed some aspects of the job very much, like coaching soccer and basketball, he wanted to explore other professions. . Jonathan left his teaching position in 2007 and has done many things since.

He became an entrepreneur, creating websites and selling affiliate products, worked at a newspaper in Greenville, was self-employed as a business consultant, and was a free-lance writer. All of these previous work experiences have equipped Jon  with skills he uses every day in the pharmacy.

“I feel like I am teaching something every day. It just isn’t history,” said Jon about his current role.

In his spare time, Jon is an avid weightlifter and goes to the gym most days. According to Jon, a day without working out is an opportunity missed to become better. He also writes a lot and has plans for several books based on his life experiences.

Additionally, Jon publishes a blog and tries to add content every day. Most of his topics are about self-improvement and personal development. You can read his thoughts at www.jonathanhilton.com.

“We only go through life once. It is up to us to get the most out of it. I want to try everything,” said Jon.

He tries to learn something new every day – typically something he can try to implement in his life.

“Leading the fulfillment team at Guardian Pharmacy of Maine is a great experience and I have learned much from all of my great teammates throughout the pharmacy,” said Jon. “This is a great place to work that encourages my growth mindset and allows me to grow as a person, both professionally and personally. Every day is an opportunity to do great things.”