As we come to the end of another week during this unprecedented time, we understand this is all still overwhelming and uncertain as new information is coming out daily in the news and within in the community.

First, thank you for being on the front line of this pandemic. Together we will help protect not only your residents but also the staff, families and our community at large. You will be a part of the success story as we continue to work together to fight this virus. Your dedication to your residents and your coworkers is awe-inspiring. Thank you.

At Guardian Pharmacy of Maine, we value communication and teamwork with the highest priority. This is especially important in these difficult times. We will continue to provide you with updates concerning pharmacy processes and procedures that we are implementing. Your pharmacy team is working hard to establish “new normal” during this pandemic and maintain the level of service you have come to expect. Guardian Pharmacy of Maine is, will continue to be open for business, and is committed to being there for you through this entire process. Our goal is to be a true pharmacy partner, while helping you protect your residents and staff.


Outside Pharmacies and Family Provided Medications: Reducing the number of medications coming from outside sources continues to be a big concern for many of our customers.

  • We are happy to work with your facility staff to help minimize the need for items filled at outside pharmacies to help reduce potential outside exposure. This includes accepting new patients and assisting in prescription transfers as needed.
  • We have information that we can provide that highlights the advantages of using a preferred pharmacy. We would be happy to help with those residents receiving medications from outside pharmacies, which may create additional challenges for your staff and resident families at this time. Please reach out to Tracey Taylor at ext# 2235 or at for assistance.

Consultant Pharmacists: DHHS, DSS nor CMS have not yet changed any of the drug regimen review requirements. Your consultant pharmacist will work with you to find the best solution to cover your chart review requirements whether remotely with the use of EMAR/EHR systems or onsite.

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Medication Availability: We continue to be proactive in ordering medications to ensure that we are properly stocked with medication. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, two drugs that have received a lot of attention surrounding COVID-19, are stocked as well. We will be using the CDC and Boards of Pharmacy guidance when dispensing these medications.

Safety: Our staff continues to work to maintain service while keeping in mind the health of everyone involved both inside and outside of our pharmacies.

  • We are leveraging our technology systems to help us serve you. Over the course of last few weeks, we have acquired new equipment, and set up new workstations in the pharmacy to insure proper “social distancing “within our operation.
  • We have instituted shorter/ smaller work shifts at the pharmacy and adjusted staffing hours to insure we can meet your service expectations. We continue to be so proud of how well our staff has embraced this “new normal”.
  • We are maintaining an especially high level of sanitization using veridical products around workstations multiple times each day and between shifts.
  • We have also asked our staff to limit their exposure in the community to essential tasks only to minimize the chances of exposure. Staff are instructed not to report to work if they have any symptoms or suspected exposure.

We pray that everyone in our extended Guardian Pharmacy of Maine family is staying healthy and safe through this trying time. Please remember that Guardian Pharmacy of Maine is committed to being your partner throughout this crisis and will do our absolute best to help in whatever ways we can. As always, we will continue to make decisions based on our core values of customer service, teamwork and honesty – together, we will work through this crisis with a focus on those who depend on us all.

Thank you for allowing us allowing being your pharmacy provider. We are here for you!

Courtney Doherty Oland R.Ph. MBA – President