New Faxing System

Guardian Pharmacy of Maine switched to a new faxing system in January. Framework ECM (Electronic Content Management) is a more structured program that automates the pharmacy workflow, resulting in consistency, process integrity and increased pharmacy operational efficiencies.

What does this mean for your community? Due to the possible discrepancy in time/clock settings, we encourage you to contact us if you are faxing a document 15 minutes prior to your cut-off time to ensure your request is received for same-day processing. Your cut-off times are going to be stricter as the system will now automatically move any documents received after your cut-off time to the next day.

Any electronic prescriptions sent by a prescriber and processed by the pharmacy will automatically be faxed to your facility by the system. Also, there will no longer be a “fax-back confirmation” from the pharmacy that verifies the pages were sent to the pharmacy.

Upcoming New Prescription Label Appearance

Please be aware that the pharmacy will also be making some changes to the current prescription label format. More information will be provided on these changes once the formatting has been completed and approved.

Some changes will include:
• Adding the word “CYCLE” for medications that are a part of the cycle program
• Changing the “ORIG DATE” to “WRITTEN DATE”
• Adding the Patient Date of Birth to pull-refill tab
• Adding the Expiration Date for the prescription order
• Removing the Label Count (i.e. Label 1 of 2, 2 of 2)