Guardian Pharmacy of Maine, in partnership with New England Vascular Access (NEVA), is proud to announce vascular access device placement and support are now available under the umbrella of IV Therapy services offered by the pharmacy.

NEVA is a mobile service company providing same-day vascular access device placements at the patient’s bedside. Collaboration between the two organizations now enable facilities to order device placements 7 days a week to meet the IV therapy delivery needs of their patients. Successful IV therapy delivery is a combination of having the appropriate intravenous medication available to patients in a timely manner, and ensuring a functioning and appropriately placed vascular access device to safely deliver the prescribed solution for the duration of therapy.

Historically, patients have required EMS transport to the area hospital emergency room if IV access couldn’t be established at the facility, or a more invasive vascular access device was needed. Facilities now have vascular access support to ensure IV therapy interventions can be successfully delivered in their current environment, with the goal of keeping patients in their current environment, and out of the hospital.

Orders for a vascular access device are easily ordered through NEVA’s secure online form

In addition to device placement, NEVA provides 24/7 phone support and education services that can be tailored to meet the needs of the requesting facility.