We recently had the pleasure of hosting residents from Mid Coast Senior Health Center Thornton Hall for a tour and lunch.

Courtney Oland, President of Guardian Pharmacy of Maine, guided the residents through the pharmacy introducing them to staff, explaining the history of the pharmacy and highlighting how orders are entered.

Residents of Mid Coast Senior Health get a tour of Guardian Pharmacy of Maine.

She also introduced a variety of the packaging methods we use to dispense medications and explained the final quality assurance checks and delivery methods we use to service our customers.

Maureen Cooper, Manager of Social Events for Mid Coast Senior Health noted, “All were impressed and thankful. I think our retired pharmacist may have had the best day of his whole year!”

Indeed, one of our guests is a retired hospital pharmacist from New York City. It was fascinating to hear stories of his experiences as a pharmacist and how so much has changed since he practiced.

Other highlights of the visit included learning more about where they were from, their families, their professions before retiring, how long they’ve resided at Thornton Hall and details about what they’re doing during retirement. All our visitors provided friendly conversation for our group over a delicious lunch.

Residents checking out some of our blister packaging!

The day was topped off by celebrating one of the resident’s 75th birthday with homemade cupcakes brought from Thornton Hall and singing happy birthday to the birthday girl!

Although we received the greatest compliment from our guests being impressed with their tour, it was really all of us who were impressed by them and thankful for their time with us. Thank you all so much for coming. We look forward to seeing you again!

We were so happy to have visitors at the pharmacy. Come see us again!