One of our goals at Waltz LTC is to keep our customers abreast on industry changes. Effective October 6, The Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has announced that all Hydrocodone containing product (“HCPs”) will be reclassified as Schedule II controlled substances.

Beginning October 6, long-term care facilities utilizing HCPs must follow regulations under Section 17.F.1 and 17.F.2 policies and procedures – pertaining to Schedule II documentation and reconciliation – and Disposition of Schedule II respectively.

Assisted living facilities utilizing HCPs must follow regulations under Section 7.10 Schedule II Controlled Substances.

Impact on Prescription Filling:

Now classified as Schedule II, HCP prescriptions will no longer be eligible for refills

The prescriber is responsible for ensuring that HCP prescriptions comply with DEA laws and regulations regarding Schedule II controlled substances and are prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose.

As with other Schedule II medications, a pharmacist may dispense a 72-hour supply of HCP in emergency cases following verbal authorization from a prescriber. The prescriber must provide a written prescription within 7 days of emergency dispensing.

Please contact our pharmacy at 1-866-415-1954 with any questions or concerns regarding this change. Consultant RPhs are also happy to discuss further during their next visit to your facility.

The Department of Justice/DEA ruling on this matter may be viewed at here.