In an effort to reduce waste and lower our customers cost, Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy will now be dispensing Humulin N, Humulin R, Humulin 70/30 and Humalog in 3 ml vials (300 units). We will continue to stock and dispense the larger 10 ml (1000 units) and will only dispense these smaller vials when appropriate. If you have skilled patients using less than 300 units of any of the insulins listed above we will dispense the 3 ml vial. If you have a non-skilled resident using less than 600 units per month we will dispense two of the 3 ml vials. For any residents that are on a sliding scale protocol, we will calculate the maximum units per day being administered per the sliding scale and will dispense the appropriate sized vial of insulin accordingly.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of our pharmacy staff at 1-866-415-1954.